19 January, 2015

Virtual Credit Card for Google Play/ Amazon Kindle

This post is for my Indian bros and sisters who is fed up of Google Play Store/Amazon Store asking for your credit card for purchases. Most of us who use Play Store are not owners of credit cards and you cant even think about one if you are a student.

So here is an easy method for purchasing from Play store/Amazon.

Before that, a question to the Play Store guys, why cant you fricking accept our Debit Cards.

Anyways here is a method for adding a Virtual Credit Card.

First you must have a valid Visa or Any Debit Card. (Not again!!!.But sadly you have to. Money have to come from somewhere.)

>Then open the site ENTROPAY (this particular one because I use it and trust it.)

>Sign Up using Facebook or the usual method.

>Then simply add virtual credit card buy topping the card through your debit card. Like recharging your mobile balance.

>Then simply go to Google Store/Amazon and add the Credit Card details to the purchasing details. (Stuff it in their mouth. Of-course virtually.)

>Happy Purchasing all useless stuff from the store and also Green Gems in Clash of Clans.