30 October, 2014

Transfer files from Iphone to Android

To answer the million dollar question. Yes you can transfer your pics from the friend who have an iPhone with him.
I used to make fun of my friend about how he can not share his photos with his friends. But now the app instashare has taken away that from me. Thanks but no thanks.
For the Apple guys here is the app instashare to show off your pic transferring capabilities. But sadly for you Apple boys n girls we Android users also need to install it so that we may receive it.
The software is pretty simple download it on both the devices and open it. Then select the pics and drag and drop it. After that accept the file from the other device. Pretty clean and simple.
So for android guys who has iPhone friends this link is for helping them so that they won't feel left out when you are sharing your awesome pics.
Instashare share with your Android friends.