10 May, 2015

HTC One Speaker Loudness / Notification LED "FIX"

HTC One, one of the best smartphones in the market. The phone is described as the perfect phone in all terms. specially when it comes to the speakers but after using it for a while you must have noticed the loudness of the speaker decreasing drastically and you must have failed to fix it even after trying all the fixes you could possibily find on the internet.

but DON'T GIVE UP! You have finally reached the right place. 

Issues I had:

1. the speakers became quieter as months passed
2. the notification LED became dim

The reason for this is the dust particles getting trapped inside the external speaker grills. Thanks to HTC for the design.

The Solution:

BRUSH the top and bottom speakers grills gently with a dry TOOTHBRUSH and vacuum the dust that comes out. The speakers and the notification will be as good as new.

Enjoy music and movies just like how you did when you got your phone.

Warning: Don't brush it too hard as it could damage the speakers.

PS: Don't waste your time doing a Hard Reset on your phone as mentioned in some forums. its all bullshit.