03 November, 2015


MGS Phantom Pain is a great game with great replay value. You can play it several times and still find a new way to end the mission. Its a masterpiece of stealth action. So if you like the game please support the developers by buying the game.


Thanks to 3DM  for the crack. But the 3DM Saves had a problem in PC where the game could not save. i.e every time I exit the game and started it I had to play from the beginning. I wasted 7 hrs of my first gameplay like this.


I searched a lot and came up with this solution.

  1. First follow all the instructions in the 3DM instructions in the crack folder. 
  2. Open the game for first time using LauncherMGSTPPTimeZones provided in the crack.
  3. Start the Game and Close it.
  4. Open your Installed Directory in my case D:\Games\Metal Gear Solid V - The Phantom Pain
  5. You cant change the read-only status of the 3DM folder. So you have to do this. 
  6. Right Click on mgsvtpp.exe and go to its Properties.
  7. Now click the Security tab.
  8. Now click the Edit button.
  9.  Now check the Full Control box for every User or only for your User name.(I gave for all user). 
  10. Click Apply. 
  11. Now Start the Game using mgsvtpp.exe
Your game paly will be saved. ENJOY.

WARNING: If you launch again using LauncherMGSTPPTimeZones all your saved game will be replaced with default 3DM saves.

If you are stuck at white screen while launch just change your timezone to Beijing in Time Zone settings.

Also here is the link for 3DM saves past the prologue scene.
Phantom Pain Saves