22 September, 2015

Downloading Mode For Laptops / Download Without Overheating Issue

Downloading Mode For Laptops / Download Without Overheating IssueTOO much to download ? But afraid that you might burn your laptop downloading continuously for many days?
When it comes to overnight downloading on laptop its not the same as how we put on our desktop, we may be a little afraid whether we are gonna burn our laptop because of all the overheating problems. And finally we end up tuning off the laptop every few hours.
That's where we come in.. Ever thought about a perfect power plan for you laptop so that you can convert it into a Downloading Machine without worrying about any overheating issue.

The solution:

1. Download our custom power plan from here and save it to the desktop

Click Here

2. Run cmd with administration rights.
Launch The Command Prompt From The Run Window. One of the quickest ways to launch the Command Prompt is to use the Run window (press Win+R on your keyboard to open it). Then, type cmd or cmd.exe and press Enter or click/tap OK.

3. In the command prompt enter the following command, and press enter

powercfg -import "(Full Path of .pow file)"

Substitute (Full Path of .pow file) in the command above for the actual full path of the "Download Mode theinforoom.pow" file with its name and file extension included within quotes.

For example if the file is downloaded to the desktop

powercfg -import "%UserProfile%\Desktop\Download Mode theinforoom.pow"

5. The new power plan will now be added as a custom power plan and be able to use.

PS: For Doubts ask in the comments section.