03 November, 2015

How to Solve Port 80 Problems When Running Apache on Windows

After Upgrading to Windows 10. My Apache just wont work; wasted hours searching through internet. And I found this solution.

The following error appeared in the Application Event Viewer (Administrative Tools):
The Apache service named reported the following error:
>>> (OS 10013) An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions.
:make_sock: could not bind to address
Another application was hogging port 80.

The Obvious Candidates
There are a number of well-known Windows programs which use port 80:

The most likely culprit is Microsoft Internet Information Server. You can stop the service from the command line on

Windows 7/Vista:
net stop was /y

or XP:
net stop iisadmin /y

or Windows 10:
You can disable it by going to Programs and Features. Click on Turn Windows features on or off. Uncheck Internet Information Services and also Internet Information Services Hostable Web Core if it is checked. Click OK to remove those applications.

SQL Server Reporting Services

SSRS can remain active even if you uninstall SQL Server. To stop the service:

Right Click My Computer
Click Manage
Click Services and Applications
Open SQL Server Configuration Manager.
Select “SQL Server Services” in the left-hand pane.
Double-click “SQL Server Reporting Services”.
Hit Stop.
Switch to the Service tab and set the Start Mode to “Manual”.

Irritatingly, Skype can switch to port 80. To disable it, select Tools > Options > Advanced > Connection then uncheck “Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections”.

What’s Using Port 80?
Further detective work is necessary if IIS, SSRS and Skype are not to blame. Enter the following on the command line:
netstat -ao

The active TCP addresses and ports will be listed — locate the line with local address “″ and note the PID value.

Now right-click the task bar and select Start Task Manager. Navigate to the Processes tab and, if necessary, click View > Select Columns… to ensure “PID (Process Identifier)” is checked. You can now locate the PID you noted above. The description and properties should help you determine which application is using the port.

The Task Manager allows you to kill the process, but be a little wary about doing that — especially if it’s “NT Kernel & System”.

NT Kernel & System is an essential service. Stopping it will probably stop Windows in a blue-screeny-like way.

Install Telnet on Windows 10:
Open cmd with  admin rights.
Enter the command: 
dism /online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:TelnetClient

Checking whats using up Port 80.Enter the following at the command line:
telnet 80

If you’re faced with a blank screen, type “GET” and hit return. The chances are, you’ll see a line stating that Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0 is listening on port 80.
If that’s the case, open Services from Administrative Tools and locate “Web Deployment Agent Service”. Stop the service and set it’s startup type to “Manual”.

The Web Deployment Agent Service is deployed with WebMatrix and was the cause of my woes. It may also be distributed with other applications installed using Microsoft’s Web Platform Installer.

That caused me a few frustrating hours so I hope it solves your Apache or WAMP start-up problems.

THE ARTICLE IS A RE-POST FROM Craig Buckler. Thanks to Him I was able to solve my problem.


MGS Phantom Pain is a great game with great replay value. You can play it several times and still find a new way to end the mission. Its a masterpiece of stealth action. So if you like the game please support the developers by buying the game.


Thanks to 3DM  for the crack. But the 3DM Saves had a problem in PC where the game could not save. i.e every time I exit the game and started it I had to play from the beginning. I wasted 7 hrs of my first gameplay like this.


I searched a lot and came up with this solution.

  1. First follow all the instructions in the 3DM instructions in the crack folder. 
  2. Open the game for first time using LauncherMGSTPPTimeZones provided in the crack.
  3. Start the Game and Close it.
  4. Open your Installed Directory in my case D:\Games\Metal Gear Solid V - The Phantom Pain
  5. You cant change the read-only status of the 3DM folder. So you have to do this. 
  6. Right Click on mgsvtpp.exe and go to its Properties.
  7. Now click the Security tab.
  8. Now click the Edit button.
  9.  Now check the Full Control box for every User or only for your User name.(I gave for all user). 
  10. Click Apply. 
  11. Now Start the Game using mgsvtpp.exe
Your game paly will be saved. ENJOY.

WARNING: If you launch again using LauncherMGSTPPTimeZones all your saved game will be replaced with default 3DM saves.

If you are stuck at white screen while launch just change your timezone to Beijing in Time Zone settings.

Also here is the link for 3DM saves past the prologue scene.
Phantom Pain Saves

22 September, 2015

Downloading Mode For Laptops / Download Without Overheating Issue

Downloading Mode For Laptops / Download Without Overheating IssueTOO much to download ? But afraid that you might burn your laptop downloading continuously for many days?
When it comes to overnight downloading on laptop its not the same as how we put on our desktop, we may be a little afraid whether we are gonna burn our laptop because of all the overheating problems. And finally we end up tuning off the laptop every few hours.
That's where we come in.. Ever thought about a perfect power plan for you laptop so that you can convert it into a Downloading Machine without worrying about any overheating issue.

The solution:

1. Download our custom power plan from here and save it to the desktop

Click Here

2. Run cmd with administration rights.
Launch The Command Prompt From The Run Window. One of the quickest ways to launch the Command Prompt is to use the Run window (press Win+R on your keyboard to open it). Then, type cmd or cmd.exe and press Enter or click/tap OK.

3. In the command prompt enter the following command, and press enter

powercfg -import "(Full Path of .pow file)"

Substitute (Full Path of .pow file) in the command above for the actual full path of the "Download Mode theinforoom.pow" file with its name and file extension included within quotes.

For example if the file is downloaded to the desktop

powercfg -import "%UserProfile%\Desktop\Download Mode theinforoom.pow"

5. The new power plan will now be added as a custom power plan and be able to use.

PS: For Doubts ask in the comments section.

08 July, 2015

Starters Guide to start watching Animes and Mangas

As an OTAKU. (Yes I am an OTAKU ). For those who dont know what an otaku is please check this out :p OTAKU!!!!....I have been a big fan of Anime and Manga since i started watching Naruto on Cartoon Network when I was a Kid and followed it for a decade. But when I started going to College campus I met a fellow otaku who introduced me to original Japanese Anime through Death Note and have been hooked to it since then.

So back to the topic where to watch Animes online Subbed for the Hardcores and Dubbed for the kiddies...

I watch it from
Its way better than the over hyped Crunchyroll thing and you don't have to pay to watch. Moreover you can bookmark and get a weekly mail alert for episode update. Also most of the animes are there in 360p 720p and 1080p.
Also if you have IDM (ofcourse the pirated ;p. Happy Pirating). Then you can download and watch the anime at your pleasure.

There is also mobile version of the site

 Then there is for the manga.

No downloading feature in it. But you can add bookmarks. And the best one. One whole episode is loaded in a page so you can have an uninterrupted reading experience without the hassle of clicking next.

And for the reviews and to know where to start watching Animes and Mangas:
 1. Kotaku's Review and Watchlist LINK
 2. Rankings at MyAnimeList
 3. News and Rantings AnimeNewsNetwork 

07 July, 2015


When it comes to bug free gaming on PC Rockstar Games have always let us down, that includes the latest Grand Theft Auto V. Lots of people have been facing problems playing the game and some  have had trouble even launching the game. Fortunately the gamers all around the world helped us fix most of the problems regarding the game but one Problem still prevails. THE STUTTERING / LAGGING problems which pretty much drives everyone crazy. Most of you might have stopped searching a fix online for this problem.

DON'T GIVE UP. You have finally reached the right blog.

Issues I had:

1. The game starts up normally and is absolutely smooth [30 - 40 fps] for few minutes and then suddenly it starts to stutter. Leave it for sometimes the stuttering gets worse to the point the games becomes unplayable.
2. The only thing that seemed to work was restarting the game.
3. I tried all kinds of fixes out there [Changing the process priority, Updating the graphics driver, disabling antivirus] and nothing seemed to work.

AMD 7670M / Intel HD 4000

The Fix:

The fix is actually pretty simple you might wonder why you never tried it before,

1. Go to C:\users\username\documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\settings.xml & change the DX value to 0 (use notepad)

 <DX_Version value="0" />

2. Now start the game and go to settings , now this is the important part, change the TEXTURE QUALITY to "HIGH" and restart the game.

3. Play the game and no more stuttering issues.

4.(Optional) If your Video Memory usage goes too high try lowering all other settings and only put the texture quality High.

PS: For Doubts ask in the comments section.

10 May, 2015

HTC One Speaker Loudness / Notification LED "FIX"

HTC One, one of the best smartphones in the market. The phone is described as the perfect phone in all terms. specially when it comes to the speakers but after using it for a while you must have noticed the loudness of the speaker decreasing drastically and you must have failed to fix it even after trying all the fixes you could possibily find on the internet.

but DON'T GIVE UP! You have finally reached the right place. 

Issues I had:

1. the speakers became quieter as months passed
2. the notification LED became dim

The reason for this is the dust particles getting trapped inside the external speaker grills. Thanks to HTC for the design.

The Solution:

BRUSH the top and bottom speakers grills gently with a dry TOOTHBRUSH and vacuum the dust that comes out. The speakers and the notification will be as good as new.

Enjoy music and movies just like how you did when you got your phone.

Warning: Don't brush it too hard as it could damage the speakers.

PS: Don't waste your time doing a Hard Reset on your phone as mentioned in some forums. its all bullshit.

19 January, 2015

Virtual Credit Card for Google Play/ Amazon Kindle

This post is for my Indian bros and sisters who is fed up of Google Play Store/Amazon Store asking for your credit card for purchases. Most of us who use Play Store are not owners of credit cards and you cant even think about one if you are a student.

So here is an easy method for purchasing from Play store/Amazon.

Before that, a question to the Play Store guys, why cant you fricking accept our Debit Cards.

Anyways here is a method for adding a Virtual Credit Card.

First you must have a valid Visa or Any Debit Card. (Not again!!!.But sadly you have to. Money have to come from somewhere.)

>Then open the site ENTROPAY (this particular one because I use it and trust it.)

>Sign Up using Facebook or the usual method.

>Then simply add virtual credit card buy topping the card through your debit card. Like recharging your mobile balance.

>Then simply go to Google Store/Amazon and add the Credit Card details to the purchasing details. (Stuff it in their mouth. Of-course virtually.)

>Happy Purchasing all useless stuff from the store and also Green Gems in Clash of Clans.