08 July, 2015

Starters Guide to start watching Animes and Mangas

As an OTAKU. (Yes I am an OTAKU ). For those who dont know what an otaku is please check this out :p OTAKU!!!!....I have been a big fan of Anime and Manga since i started watching Naruto on Cartoon Network when I was a Kid and followed it for a decade. But when I started going to College campus I met a fellow otaku who introduced me to original Japanese Anime through Death Note and have been hooked to it since then.

So back to the topic where to watch Animes online Subbed for the Hardcores and Dubbed for the kiddies...

I watch it from
Its way better than the over hyped Crunchyroll thing and you don't have to pay to watch. Moreover you can bookmark and get a weekly mail alert for episode update. Also most of the animes are there in 360p 720p and 1080p.
Also if you have IDM (ofcourse the pirated ;p. Happy Pirating). Then you can download and watch the anime at your pleasure.

There is also mobile version of the site

 Then there is for the manga.

No downloading feature in it. But you can add bookmarks. And the best one. One whole episode is loaded in a page so you can have an uninterrupted reading experience without the hassle of clicking next.

And for the reviews and to know where to start watching Animes and Mangas:
 1. Kotaku's Review and Watchlist LINK
 2. Rankings at MyAnimeList
 3. News and Rantings AnimeNewsNetwork